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CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1

With sleek design, stylish features and innovative technology, the iPAD SP1 would fit well in any surrounding. It’s got fab, clear diagrams that’ll help you keep up with the helpful voice prompts and the buttons really stand out.

CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1 Adult Electrode Pads

Known as SMART electrode pads, these can be used on both adults and children; with a flick of the mode switch, the shock delivered will change to be suitable for the victim. For use with the i-PAD SP1 AED.

Defibsafe 2 Wall Mountable Defibrillator Cabinet

This is the only external defibrillator cabinet on the market in the UK that has IP66 certification. This gives superior protection to protect the defibrillator inside from the harshest of weather conditions.

iPAD SP1 & SP2 Disposable Battery

The disposable battery is for use with the iPAD SP1 Semi and Fully Automatic units and with the iPAD SP2 unit (the latter unit is for use by medical professionals)